The stamps of the Liberation and the printing varieties, strengths of the Yvert et Tellier catalog

In his editorial of the 2021 edition of the Catalog de cotation.Timbres de France edited by Yvert et Tellier - which celebrates its 125th anniversary -, its CEO Benoît Gervais explains that "the recent health crisis due to Covid-19 has not blunted [his] desire to continue improving the catalog.More than a thousand varieties [printing defects sought after by collectors who value stamps], especially small and medium-sized ones, have been added ”, compared to the 2020 edition.

Other innovations announced, “the airgrams hitherto embedded in the“ Postal Stationery ”section have been moved to the end of the“ Airmail ”section.In the“ Military Airmail ”section, all RF surcharges on American stamps are now reproduced and listed.In the chapter “Stamps of the Liberation”, the section “Other local surcharges” is detailed ”.

This presence of varieties leads Benoît Gervais to specify in L'Echo de la timbrologie d'October, a monthly magazine that he directs, that he “however does not intend to transform this catalog into a specialized catalog”, considering instead to eventually publish a catalog of varieties.

To stay within a reasonable pagination, the publisher has chosen to "run" certain sections, leading the collector to keep the previous editions.Thus, the 2021 edition skips over the more than 80 pages devoted to the publication.volume 2020 with mounted balloons and Moulins boules from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

Concerning the odds, essential object of the catalog awaited by the collectors, Mr.Gervais notes that the general tendency is always excellent on the classic part [XIXe century] and the whole of the market is held well.One of the great difficulties for Yvert and Tellier, as for many traders, consists in finding a quality stamp ”.This explains if not the good performance of the ratings, at least their stability, for stamps benefiting from a“ postal freshness ”.This requirement, which results in a skimming and a rarefaction of "good" stamps, no doubt allows the courses to be maintained, whereas philately has fewer followers than twenty or thirty years ago.

Posted Date: 2020-11-24

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