Albums to celebrate Christmas with music

From traditional covers to the most unexpected mixes, here is a selection of festive albums that are sure to add some touches of joy to your end of the year.

A tradition almost as sacred as the party it comes with, the Christmas album is an essential part of the holiday season.If you are looking for the perfect gift for a music lover or a few more ideas for your Christmas playlist, no need to go further! Here is a selection of more or less traditional albums to embellish your winter celebrations.

Traditional gifts

Like a pair of socks or a little grandma's check, some gifts are essential.The classic cover of a rock or pop Christmas hit is also inevitable.But while some are to be avoided, others are to be applauded.Used to Christmas covers, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra continues its long tradition with Jingle Bell Rock.Far from the rockabillly tunes of the original song performed by Bobby Helms, the RPO here announces a rather calm, tender and full of sweetness.

The famous violinist Daniel Hope also lends himself to the game in his latest album where he offers four arrangements of Christmas carols, alongside the Zürcher Kammerorchester: Christmas with Hope, a title that takes on all its meaning in This end of the year has a mixed record.No need to light a fire in the fireplace, there is enough heat in Daniel Hope's violin.

Surprise gifts

At the helm of The Message of Xmas, pianist and composer Christophe Chassol.Original and atypical Christmas album, the work is in the image of its author.Its minimalist music, accompanied by the choir of the Paris orchestra under the direction of Lionel Sow, promises us a Christmas like no other!

Posted Date: 2020-12-25

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